INSPIRE Weaving is an age old tradition passed down from mother to daughter,
a symbol of pride in a rich culture.
In a fast developing world, it is our duty to inspire Batswana youth to proudly keep these skills alive
and offer a platform to evolve into the future.
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LIVE Along the shores of the Okavango river, livelihoods depend on the daily toil of the land –
crafting supports the entire family and its community as they work together
to supplement an income that helps to feed, clothe and educate their children.
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UNITE "By bringing crafting communities together we are uniting forces for a greater reward for all” –
Crafthood, as a non- profit organization, endeavours to bring all players of the value chain together,
uniting our industry in trust & strength.
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SUSTAINABILTY "Our crafters are committed to the sustainable harvesting of our precious natural resources.”
Transparency is key to building lasting relationships, another Crafthood responsibility is to
uphold our code for the long term sustainability of our organization and partners, socially and environmentally.
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Supporting sustainable livelihoods

Crafthood is a social enterprise that reinvests monies gained into the continual upliftment of crafting communities in Botswana. We work in partnership with producer centres and groups in the north west of Botswana, supporting them with product development and quality control, encouraging them to celebrate their pride in their skill and their beautiful country whilst creating a platform for fair-trade sales and a sustainable industry.

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Every item is hand crafted and made to the beat of an African heart, in a homestead filled with laughter and joy.  Each basket is unique and the exquisite patterns are an expression of life and the natural surrounds such as ‘running ostrich’, ‘tears of the giraffe’ and the ‘rondavel’.  Botswana baskets are arguably the baskets of the world and North West Botswana is proud to be the home of this wonderful artistic expression.

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Growing relationships

There are two sides to Crafthood, one is the producers themselves and the other is the buyers, one cannot work without the other, and Crafthood is fortunate when it can

Weaving lives together makes us stronger. The more we connect with one another the greater our chances of success.


Crafthood is thrilled to have worked  in partnership with our partners in Shakawe, Shorobe, Etsha and Gumare in creating a new look for their centres. This has included the development


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What the people say
There is no doubt in my mind that we are making a tangible difference in the lives of these dedicated, skilful crafters.
Erik Stronkhorst
Arts for Africa
It seems that before this workshop we were weaving in the dark. Now it seems that light is coming.
Basket Weaver

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